March 14th, 2011

Since its foundation in 1946, GAMMA Officine Meccaniche has characterised its way of doing business by an ability to look to the future. From an initial focus on small metal products, Gamma as far back as the 1950s extended its production to cold-formed wing nuts.
By the 1960s, in addition to wing nuts and screws, Gamma was manufacturing pipe plugs as well as car parts. Furthermore, Gamma extended its sales network across Western Europe and North America. This led to the emergence in 1973 of thumbscrews, intended mainly for the US and UK markets.

The 1980s mark the firm’s specialisation in manual assembly parts. Gamma became a joint stock company and developed the technology to manufacture cold-formed eyebolts and hooks.
While the volume of Gamma’s exports all over the western world rose to over 80%, in 1994 the firm was awarded UNI EN ISO 9002 certification, as proof of the excellent level of quality attained. Further restructuring of its offices and expansion of the production plant took place at the end of the 1990s, underlining Gamma’s readiness to rise to the technological challenges of the new millennium with intelligence, devotion and creativity.

The new millennium with its environmental problems spurred our company to develop a new line of fixing products dedicated to the renewable energy sources, result obtained through researches performed with the main companies of the field.

Gamma’s sensitivity toward the environment led to 95% waste differentiation and to install in 2009 a 320 KW photovoltaic plant on the roof of its premises, utilizing its own scaffolding products.
This plant, beyond reducing immission of CO2 in the air by abt 185 tons /a year, provides electric energy equal to 75% of the yearly consumption of Gamma.

At the moment of its installation, Gamma’s photovoltaic plant resulted to be the largest one installed on a layer-roof in Lombardy.